UHF radio modems and GPRS / 3G / 4G cellular routers are generally used in SCADA and telemetry applications for water networks, wastewater, electric power, oil and gas extraction, and distribution. They are also used in the transfer of data in networks for fleet management such as public transport, railways or taxis.

RACOM is a Czech manufacturer that focuses on specific segments of the industrial market, where high technology products are required for wireless communication, developing and manufacturing «at home» products of optimal quality that mark the trends in their respective markets.


– Navite IP device

– 1× ETH, 2× COM, 1× USB

SleepSave Modes

– 1–10 W, –40 to +70 °C

– WiFi management

– Scalable by SW

– Backup routes

– Fast remote access

RipEX is the best radio modem in its category, in terms of data transfer speed. This radio equipment defined by software with Linux operating system is a native IP device that has been designed with an emphasis on detail, performance and quality.

RipEX provides a reliable 24 × 7 service for vital applications such as SCADA and telemetry for public services, SmartGrid electric power networks or transaction networks with lottery, point of sale or ATM terminals.



– 2 ETH, switch or router

– 1 COM, 1 USB

– 2 digital outputs, 2 digital inputs

– Backup for fixed line

– SCADA protocols

– Dual power input

– 2 – 57.6 VCC, -25 to 70 °C

MiDGE wireless routers have been specially designed for SCADA and telemetry, although they are also suitable for other wireless applications. MiDGE hardware and software allow providing reliable and secure connections from an unlimited number of remote locations to a central server. It has Ethernet / IP and serial interfaces. In addition, its two inputs and two digital outputs can be used for the monitoring and control of application devices.

MiDGE is a very versatile router thanks to its two Ethernet ports, which can be configured to support two independent LANs (eg LAN and WAN configurations), or simply connect two devices within a LAN, replacing an Ethernet switch. The MiDGE software is based on an integrated Linux operating system and standard TCP / IP communication protocols.

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