RFS is a cable and antenna systems global manufacturer, as well as active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing integral solutions for building wireless infrastructure. It offers RF systems for cellular mobile communications, construction sector, radiant systems for tunnels, television and radio, radio link networks, LMR / PMR and HF and defense.

RFS’ mission as a manufacturer is the design, manufacture and worldwide deployment of technology, systems and RF services. It is committed to the highest quality standards through the application of advanced technologies in its manufacturing processes, project engineering and installation. It aims to be the preferred global provider of wireless communications by providing its customers with the best quality service, state-of-the-art engineering capabilities and innovative products.

RFS offers a broad transmission lines portfolio to meet all needs.

Its CELLFLEX corrugated duplex is the most advanced transmission lines family in the industry. They are coaxial cables with copper or aluminum dielectric foam that combine a remarkable flexibility with a high resistance and a high electrical performance

HELIFLEX dielectric coaxial air transmission line is fast and easy to install, with maximum strength and flexibility.

HYBRIFLEX is the world’s lightest hybrid aluminum wiring solution for HR.


For decades, high frequency (HF) systems have provided the direct line of communications for defense forces and civil groups around the world. With a communications break up to 4,000 kilometers, HF systems remain a vital component of large-scale installations and are critical for rapid and constant change deployments.

Voice communications have been for a long time the main focus. But with digital technologies gaining ground, the transmission of tactical data through HF systems is an attractive perspective that raises important issues for responsible personnel for critical communications networks.

RFS range in broadband HF antennas includes more than 18 different designs that are combined with the transmission lines range, which includes the 8- and 9-inch dielectric coaxial air cables to provide a complete mix of flexible solutions that are will adapt to any situation.

RFS is positioned as a benchmark in communications for the transport industry with innovations that cover tunnel, construction and outdoor wireless coverage systems for the transport sector.

For more than 40 years, RFS has provided solutions for subways, railroads, tunnels and underground mines around the world. Today, RFS offers RF distribution systems consisting of the most advanced active, passive and hybrid components for coverage in tunnels, railway stations and outdoor roads.

RFS communications technology for the transport market includes the broadest RADIAFLEX radiating cables range, the ClearFill fiber optic extension and the distributed antenna. All indoor coverage needs for 2G, 3G and 4G commercial radio services, as well as TETRA and GSM-R mission-critical wireless services in the bands 400, 700, 800, 850, 900, 1700, 1800, 1900 , 2100, 2400 and 2600MHz.


Due to its ease of installation and economy, wireless networks are increasingly deployed for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. These networks are supported by microwave systems and are used to:

– Public and mobile backhaul

– Branches links and distribution

– Diffusion and private company

Today there is a pressing need for precision engineering systems that mitigate interference and offer the necessary flexibility to meet capacity requirements.

RFS meets this need by providing microwave antenna systems for wireless transmission networks. RFS anticipates key industry issues such as environmental restrictions, new radiation standards and new spectrum emissions. RFS offers a powerful portfolio of end-to-end solutions that includes solid satellite dishes, elliptical waveguides, connectors and accessories optimized for all popular microwave radio bands. Its microwave antenna systems offer superior electrical performance to meet the most strict requirements.

Broadcasters, wireless communication companies, transmission site owners and equipment manufacturers require a RF solutions variety that can optimize acquisition and exploitation costs, provide capacity and flexibility for the future and support broadcasting and mobile industries convergence.

– RFS offers broadcasting solutions based on 40 years of design and development experience. His leadership in the sector is based on two factors:

– The most complete range of end-to-end broadcast systems on the market, with solutions for FM radio, VHF and UHF TV, and the emerging L-band.

A design approach that ensures that each system is optimized for the best possible performance, reliability and minimum total cost.


As applications diversify and waves become congested, the possibility of RF interference is the main threat. Anything other than ‘five nine’ availability (99.999 percent) is unacceptable for emergency communications. Both public safety and the other networks operators need strategies and tools to manage this interference in a cost-effective manner.

The two critical challenges of mitigating interference and migrating to digital networks require specific experience and a global system approach. Radio frequency systems are uniquely positioned in this regard, offering a complete set of RF solutions for LMR / PMR scenarios.

RFS provides the full range of RF subsystem components, including a wide selection of broadband dipole antennas, and the industry’s leading range of transmission line products and accessories. In addition, RFS is recognized as a global leader in RF conditioning components such as combiners, transmit and receive filters, receiver multi-couplers, duplexers and low noise amplifiers that are an integral part of the design of the LMR / PMR base station.

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