The licensed point-to-point radio links allow reaching capacities up to 2Gbps real symmetrical to tens of kilometers, in microwave frequencies above 6Ghz that guarantee the communications security and reliability, both for operators trunk networks and for public or private companies’ links.

Ceragon Networks is the first spezialized global manufacturer in licensed radio links and offers wireless solutions to provide the transmission capacity required to offer high quality and reliability video, voice and data services.


FibeAir IP-20C breaks down capacity barriers by offering a virtual fiber solution over licensed frequencies. Delivery 1 Gbps in any deployment scenario. Its versatility and great capacity make it the perfect solution for access, small cells, macro cells backhaul, aggregation and trunk deployments.

IP-20C revolutionizes the way to manage and maintain the network. With its software-defined services and dual-core radio technology, you can scale up to 1Gbps through licenses, increase the double link distance or reduce power consumption as needs change. It is prepared to update from 1 + 0 to 2 + 0, doubling the capacity without intervention in the field.

CERAGON Radioenlaces PTP de Alta Capacidad
CERAGON Radioenlaces PTP de Alta Capacidad

FibeAir IP-20S is a single core, compact, all-outdoor radio. It supports a modulation scheme up to 2048QAM and a programmable network processor together with extensive capabilities of OA & M and improved H-QoS for advanced granularity of services.

It is an integrated transport solution, ideal for terminal nodes that require capacities up to 500Mbps. The installation is really simple and flexible, being able to upload data in both copper and fiber, and power in continuous or through PoE.

FibeAir IP-20E is a compact and all external solution that delivers ultra high capacity in the E band between 71 and 86Ghz. Thanks to the use of the large 250Mhz and 500Mhz channeling, available under license in this spectrum range, it achieves outputs over 2Gbps for lengths less than 3km, using a single carrier.

The large transmission capacity, ease of installation and affordable annual fees, make IP-20E the ideal equipment for broadband transport over short distances.

CERAGON Radioenlaces PTP de Alta Capacidad
CERAGON Radioenlaces PTP de Alta Capacidad

FibeAir IP-20G is a high capacity solution with split mounting, formed by IDU, ODU and antenna at each end. It allows to offer carrier Ethernet and TDM (E1 / T1) in a same equipment, optimized for the mobile networks backhaul, ISPs, and companies’ private links.

It covers the entire licensed and free frequencies spectrum (24Ghz) between 6 and 42Ghz, and offers transmission capabilities from 10Mbps to 1Gbps Full Duplex.

It is simple to install and maintain, has a low power consumption and has the most advanced features at really competitive prices.

CERAGON Radioenlaces PTP de Alta Capacidad

FibeAir IP-20GX is a modular IDU that supports TDM and MEF 2.0 Carrier Ethernet , allowing to maintain TDM-IP hybrid technologies  in a same platform. Its great spectral efficiency makes possible the transmission of mutl-gigabit capabilities in both free and licensed frequencies, in the range of 6-86Ghz.

Its modularity at the level of slots provides great flexibility when combining up to 4 carriers in 1RU, and any data interfaces combination: FE, GE, STM-1, E1 / T1. IP-20GX uses the same modules as IP-20N, thus facilitating the maintenance of spare parts.

CERAGON Radioenlaces PTP de Alta Capacidad

FibeAir IP-20N is a modular aggregation equipment that supports a wide range of radio technologies. It is designed to ensure high performance, define software services and be managed from CeraOS Ceragon’s operating system , which unifies for all IP-20 products of the platform.

It offers multi-gigabit capability with high spectral efficiency, thus serving a wide range of topologies and architectures, and is ideal for emerging network concepts, such as HetNets, small cells and Cloud-RAN. Satisfies the high capacity demand, reliability and user experience, keys to the success of LTE implementations and other next generation networks

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